About Errietta Kostala

Hi, I’m Errietta Kostala or Erry for short, and I’m currently in the UK working as a back-end developer. Please click the link above to see more info! Or some quick links: Projects - LinkedIn

Web forms

Web forms. They are used everywhere. Yet I have seen so many things done in them, that have made it difficult for even myself (a tech-savvy user, a web developer) to fill in. This should not happen. Filling in web forms is required for many reasons, yet to many users … Continue reading

CSS sibling selectors

I recently discovered CSS sibling selectors, and an awesome way to take advantage of them. Needless to say, mind was blown so I had to blog about it! First of all, about sibling selectors themselves: they match an element that’s on the same level as another element, either directly after … Continue reading


Are you making any piece of software that receives an ID from user input and returns a {post, image, whatever}? May I suggest: base 36? Just look at this: //example.invalid/?a=1000000 //example.invalid/?a=lfls What looks better? Thought so. You can convert between bases easily in any language, so you have no excuse … Continue reading