[vlog] this year’s uni projects

It’s … been a while, hasn’t it? Okay, okay, it’s been three months. I’m currently buried underneath 6ft of Uni work, given this is my final year and my dissertation is due soon. I’ll try to blog more often once I get into full-time paid employment. However, until then, here’s …continue reading

Form sins: part two

This is a continuation of my previous rant on mistakes web developers make that make forms unusable. Here are other things I’ve noticed, mostly about forms that need your address: Requiring a ‘middle name’. They’re not used in every country in the world. Having a broken country input. This, in …continue reading

Web forms

Web forms. They are used everywhere. Yet I have seen so many things done in them, that have made it difficult for even myself (a tech-savvy user, a web developer) to fill in. This should not happen. Filling in web forms is required for many reasons, yet to many users …continue reading