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13 ways the Internet is broken

#9 will shock you. The web has been changing the past few years, not necessarily always for the better. There has been an emergence of anti-patterns, which are patterns that stand to try to make a profit without caring about the user experience, or often by hindering it. These patterns …continue reading

New WP install for this site

You may have noticed the site looks different. Due to “technical difficulties” I’ve had to move the wordpress install to a new box, quite hastily. Please let me know if anything is broken; I’m still picking up the pieces.

Introduction to the fastapi python framework

I have been working on a new python-based API recently, and on a colleague’s suggestion we decided to use fastapi as our framework. Fastapi is a python-based framework which encourages documentation using Pydantic and OpenAPI (formerly Swagger), fast development and deployment with Docker, and easy tests thanks to the Starlette …continue reading

Dear circuit laundry: your UX SUCKS!

Ah, the joys of student life. Not only is accommodation absurdly expensive (Over 100 pounds a week to live near campus outside London. I’m not going to mention London prices, because anybody who doesn’t already know them is going to have a heart attack.), but laundry costs on top of …continue reading

I survived a year at Shadowcat!

As you may know, I did a placement year/”year in industry” as part of my University degree. This is basically done in one’s third year of studies, before their final year and it helps get experience in the ‘real’ world before graduating. I had the ability to do a placement …continue reading