Dear circuit laundry: your UX SUCKS!

Ah, the joys of student life. Not only is accommodation absurdly expensive (Over 100 pounds a week to live near campus outside London. I’m not going to mention London prices, because anybody who doesn’t already know them is going to have a heart attack.), but laundry costs on top of that.

And not only that, paying for it is DIFFICULT!

I went to the laundry room and saw I had no credit. So my thought was, “okay, I’ll just top up from my smartphone.” To my dismay, I soon realised it’d have been much faster to just run to my room and do it from my laptop!

First of all, the site is of course not responsive. Way to go to fit a huge site in a tiny screen like that.

Secondly, the only login method is username and password. Despite the fact that you have my laundry card number and my phone number. Seriously. It’s just laundry, not a bank account. Make an easier login system that just texts you a code and for extra paranoia, allow that to only top up.

Thanks to your current system, I could hardly fill out the form because mobile, I needed to reset my password which is also hard to type on mobile, and then log in to PayPal (with two factor auth and all!) and finally pay.

And then I had to swipe my card once to top up, again to confirm, then two more times to start the laundry!

The whole top up took over ten minutes. Absolutely absurd. Had I a choice, I’d not be using your service.

I don’t have a choice, though, so feel free to not change anything.




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