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Errietta Kostala


Hi, I’m Errietta Kostala, or Erry for short!
I love web programming and work on many interesting related projects. Check them out!

I blog about web programming and other stuff that interests me, which you can read about here.
If you want to see more of my work you can check it out on errietta.me,
or see my LinkedIn
Nice to see you visit :]


  1. hey Erry,

    This is a great article around why burndowns aren’t useful (https://www.errietta.me/blog/enough-with-the-burndown-charts/). It helped me in my research on practical engineering metrics that can help understand outcome-based efficiency without being too bureaucratic – https://medium.com/product-dev-stories/3-practical-engineering-metrics-to-understand-quality-and-efficiency-de604d38a351?source=friends_link&sk=3f4c96034bc89f985055b90f7e7dea01

    I’ve referenced your article a few times in it

    It would make my day, actually my entire year if you could read it, and if you think your followers would enjoy it, share the article 🙂 Thank you for all the awesome educative content, you have a new fan!

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