Learning to be careful!

When programming you sometimes need to watch out a bit. Suppose that (in javascript) you have the following: var a = [ 4, 5, 6 ]; Now, say you want, for whatever reason, to create a copy of that array and perform operations on the copy. For example, you have …continue reading

Play dvds on ubuntu

Note: You may want to make sure this is legal in your country, first… I absolutely love free and open source software and use it as much as possible, sometimes even contribute to it! So, when my dad brought me a DVD today I wanted to be able to play …continue reading


Are you making any piece of software that receives an ID from user input and returns a {post, image, whatever}? May I suggest: base 36? Just look at this: http://example.invalid/?a=1000000 http://example.invalid/?a=lfls What looks better? Thought so. You can convert between bases easily in any language, so you have no excuse …continue reading

Some JavaScript OOP – Student search Engine.

I was experimenting with object oriented programming in JavaScript yesterday. Imagine the following scenario: you have a list of students. You want to keep their name, age, school year, average mark and part-time employment (if applicable) information. Additionally, you want to be able to search and sort them by their information. The best …continue reading