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I'm Errietta Kostala and I'm a web developer...

with a passion.

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Ever since I was a teenager, I knew I wanted to be involved in web programming. I spent countless hours working on my own projects, learning more and more and becoming more and more fascinated. To me, programming is an art form, a poem, a song, a dance.

But in time, it became something even more. As I started getting involved in freenode, Mozilla, and other open source projects, it became a way to be part of a community - I could network, make friends, and meet people that would be with me for the rest of my life.

It then became clear to me - I didn't just want to follow my passion of programming. I wanted to teach others what I knew. And I wanted to keep supporting Open Source projects and helping others.

For this reason, I'm studying Web Technologies at the University of Huddersfield - so that I can learn even more about what I'm passionate for. I am doing an an internship for Shadowcat Systems - a small company in Lancaster that holds open source and community projects very dearly, and I still spend a lot of my time on community projects.

Do you want to learn more about me? Check out my projects or my blog.

Latest blog posts

Codeclub: Teaching code in Cumbria

One of the many things I am is a Stem Ambassador. I have talked about this in a previous blog post, but Stem Ambassadors are volunteers that support sessions and run clubs and other activities in schools. I've been wanting to run a CodeClub for a while. Codeclub a volunteer-led … Continue reading

Fun(d)-raising out in the bay

So I went fundraising today for the first time with people from LGB&T Out In The Bay. They’re a charity group in Lancaster and Morecambe that run coffee afternoons (I’ve been to one or two :P), support groups, advice, etc. for LGBT people. Of course, I find their work and … Continue reading

Backing up/restoring a LUKS encrypted partition with clonezilla

I recently wanted to back up my LUKS-encrypted disk. However, clonezilla only offered the ability to clone with dd, rather than the faster partclone tool, which is understandable. It is, however, possible to clone the (decrypted) underlying extfs filesystem. Note: if you make a backup of your decrypted data, it … Continue reading

Hacking on FirefoxOS’s music app.

If you're not aware, Mozilla, the non-profit behind Firefox, has their own smartphone and mobile Operating System, FirefoxOS. I got one of the phones at Mozfest, and ever since, I've been wanting to hack it to make it work exactly the way I want it. It's open source, and all … Continue reading

Supporting an openhatch session

About a week ago, I heard that the socialcoding4good community manager Emma Irwin was running an OpenHatch session at the University of Victoria (in Canada!) OpenHatch sessions are meant to help students get started in contributing to Open Source software. Emma was also going to show them how to contribute … Continue reading


So far as I'm concerned, you write sane code, and you ask when you're stuck, and you listen to design ideas and then ask questions and then implement them.

Matt Trout, Shadowcat Systems Technical Director.

We get a lot of contributors but it is not every day someone so seamlessly integrates with the entire team. I went away on vacation and when I came back Errietta was an integral part of our work environment – a powerful presence on IRC, at our video demo call and on GitHub. I hope she continues to lend us her talents for a long time to come.

Cassie McDaniel, Webmaker UX Lead (Source)

Errietta has all the qualities of a great web developer in the making — she learns quickly, values feedback from both engineers and designers, and cares deeply about sharing her knowledge with others. I'm always impressed by how quickly she's willing to jump into a new code base and effectively solve problems.

Kate Hudson, Webmaker Developer