Errietta Kostala

Errietta Kostala - Personal Website

Welcome to my personal website!

I am Errietta Kostala, and this is my own little corner of the Internet, where I talk about myself and my (mostly) web development work.

I am a web developer with a passion for programming and technology. I have been greatly enjoying programming as a hobby since I was fourteen years old, and am now using my skills and acquiring new ones as part of my studies and work, as well as to contribute to open source software and help others. I am a quick learner who writes clean code and always asks the right questions.

I have been characterized as a kind, personable, helpful and intelligent person who also has the ability to solve any problem I may face daily in any role I take.

I am currently studying Web Technologies in the University of Huddersfield in the UK, and hope to become a professional web developer in the future. In my free time, I like to discover new things about programming and technology by reading articles and tutorials, working on my own projects and contributing to open source software.

This is my personal site, feel free to take a look around and learn more about me and my work.